Pet Grooming Policies

Our salon values your pet's health and comfort. Our first priority is your pet's safety, which is why we discourage dematting. Instead, we hope to empower our pet parents by openly communicating how to prevent matting and maintain healthy coats.

Severely matted dogs may be referred to a veterinarian for shaving. We will not de-matt to the point that we feel we are no longer working in your dogs' best interest. If we feel that shaving your dog is the only humane way to remove matts, that is the only way we will do so. Feel free to stop by to have matting assessed, or ask at drop off for a matt removal assessment.

In the event of an emergency, Whisker Bones Supply Co. will seek immediate veterinary care for your dog at a veterinarian of our choice.

A soft muzzle may be used.

Whisker Bones Supply Co. reserves the right to refuse service to any pet. Service may be discontinued or refused if Whisker Bones Supply Co. determines that servicing a dog presents an unsafe condition. Such conditions include, but are not limited to: behavior issues, health problems, coat condition, or parasites.

If a dog has fleas, a flea bath will be given with a flea shampoo, at an additional charge of $5.00 to $15.00, with or without a clients' prior knowledge or permission.

If a double coated breed of dog is shaved, the hair or coat may grow back unevenly, incorrectly or not at all. A positive past experience is not a guarantee of future results.

Whisker Bones Supply Co. often offers dogs the freedom of wandering an open workroom. That privilege will be granted at the sole discretion of Whisker Bones Supply Co. If you would prefer that your dog be kept separate from the others, just let us know.

Most dogs are dried partially in a large cage dryer that circulates moist, room temperature air, is closely monitored, and is in full view at all times. If you prefer that your dog be hand dried, please let us know. Additional charges for the time required may apply.

If a dog bites a dog or person, and does not have a current rabies shot, that dog may be legally required to be quarantined outside the home. Dogs are legally required to be up- to -date on their rabies shots.

Dog Abandonment: If you do not pick up your dog on the day of grooming, or at a local boarding facility the day after grooming, local laws will be followed in determining dog abandonment and re-homing procedures. If you do not pick up your dog by closing time, or within 60 minutes after groom completion (if your dog is not finished until closing or after), your dog may be boarded, at your expense, at a local boarding facility. We are not zoned for boarding and cannot keep a dog overnight.

Ear Hair Plucking: There are benefits and risks to ear plucking. We will pluck ears, with an owners' permission by initial client form sign off, to a level of ear hair of our discretion. There is a page link under this page button that provides more information about ear hair plucking.

Anal Glands: We will very gently express anal glands externally, as needed, unless the client requests that anal glands not be expressed. Anal glands that are infected, impacted, or for other reasons may not empty from external expression. Some dogs may need their anal glands expressed internally, which is done at a veterinarian office. Whisker Bones Supply Co. cannot determine your dogs' needs in this matter and will not be responsible for any consequences of anal gland expression, or lack of expression, regardless of whether or not anal glands are full or empty, upon arrival or departure.

Senior Dogs or Dogs with Health Conditions: Grooming can cause stress that can intensify current medical conditions, expose new problems, or even lead to a serious medical event or death. The grooming of senior dogs or dogs with medical issues is for comfort only, and not looks. Just the stress or activity of being groomed may prove to be too much for a senior or ill dog. Aches and pains can be become more painful. Stress can cause a multitude of problems, even resulting in death.

Clients are solely responsible for any and all medical bills related to their dog, as well as their decision to have their dog groomed. Whisker Bones Supply Co. has the best interest of your dog in mind and will do everything possible to keep your dog safe. If Whisker Bones Supply Co. feels that the grooming, or continuing with the grooming, will be too stressful for your dog, the groom will be stopped immediately. Although your dogs safety will be Whisker Bones Supply Co.'s top concern, We cannot be held responsible for determining what is and is not too stressful for your dog.