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Butcher Blend Topper

Butcher Blend Topper

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A quick-thaw, raw meat topper made from only high-quality animal protein for a boost of fresh food nutrition. Available in 2lb resealable bags.

Keep Raw Toppers frozen until ready to serve.

Thawed Raw Frozen foods will maintain optimum freshness for up to 5 days under refrigeration.


Wash all work surfaces, utensils, hands, and food bowls with hot, soapy water after handling raw meats and poultry.

Keep raw meat and poultry away from children and separate from other foods.


To serve, simply remove bag from your freezer, pour the appropriate amount over your pet's regular food, and allow to thaw. Only serve Primal raw foods when completely thawed—frozen foods can be difficult for animals to digest. Never microwave any pet food.

Use stainless steel bowls when feeding any raw product. Other materials, such as plastic and porcelain, are pourous and can trap germs over time.


  • Beef Heart, Beef Bone, Beef Liver
  • Chicken, Chicken Neck, Chicken Heart, Chicken Liver
  • Lamb Heart, Lamb Bone, Lamb Liver
  • Pork Heart, Pork Bone, Pork Liver
  • Whole sardines
  • Turkey Neck, Turkey, Turkey Heart, Turkey Liver
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