Dude, your doodle is matted

Dude, your doodle is matted

Hi Everyone. I wanted to take the time to talk about our cutie patootie Doodles. We get a lot of them in the grooming salon. More times than not (probably close to 75%) the pup has felted or matted.

Nothing breaks our heart more than having to shave a fluffer nutter Doodle, but it really is the only way to get rid of the issue and start fresh. We always inform if we find matts on the dog. Also, please know that we will not leave matts in a dog because the parents don't want it shaved. Matts in general are very painful. For the ladies reading this, think about the worst tangle you ever got as a child. Remember the pain from brushing it out... now multiply that times the Doodle's whole body.

Occasionally we are able to spot shave, but that leaves the dog looking terrible (Swiss cheese coat). So we have to use our discretion to balance the look of the dog with his/her health. It really is our professional obligation to ensure the dog is comfortable over fashionable.

All that said, more than one Doodle parent has been surprised and upset... even after we saved the heavy matts that came off in one piece to show them how relieved their pup must be (it doesn't always work). Just know Doodle parent's... we are on your side!!!

So, I'm hoping I can help a bit today.

A non-shedding coat is going to matt if it is not kept thoroughly brushed out and combed down to the skin, and when it matts badly enough, it needs to be shaved, period. There is nothing else you can do that will not be very painful (I repeat.. VERY PAINFUL) for the dog. Whether it's a Goldendoodle, a Poodle, a Wheaten terrier, or whatever: If it has a non-shedding coat, it will matt.

Shaving a coat does not ruin it... don't worry.  Also, The original Furminator was designed for shedding dogs, and the label warns that it is never to be used on a non-shedding coat. However, there is a new Furminator which is designed for non-shedding coats. I have not used it and don't know how it works, but it would be important to be sure you had the right one, and in any case, it won't help if a dog has gotten badly matted already.

The only way to avoid bad matts is to keep the coat brushed and combed (there is a difference). The combing to the skin is essential.

Most Doodles have obviously been "brushed". But it turns out that brushing is superficial. It's not getting down to the problem. To really ensure your Doodle can keep his hair next time you come in, we advise a rake-type brush or grooming comb. If you can't run a comb through his/her hair near the skin, then you already have a matting problem.

Come by and see us. We have combs and rakes and brushes in stock to help find the right one for your Doodle. 

Together we can keep those Doodles looking Floofy!

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