Why we don't use yogurt in or on any of our treats

Why we don't use yogurt in or on any of our treats

We've all heard Jamie Lee Curtis extolling the virtues of probiotics in yogurt for people. You may have even heard that probiotics are good for a dog's gastrointestinal health as well. You might have also noticed more and more dog biscuits and treats containing yogurt on pet supply store shelves and in other "barkeries", prompting you to consider adding yogurt into your canine companion’s menu.

Although many pet parents feed their dogs yogurt without issue, veterinarians generally do not recommend feeding yogurt to dogs. While pure yogurt doesn't pose any toxicity risk to dogs, many dogs are lactose intolerant and should to avoid dairy products, including yogurt. That is why you won't see us use cream cheese or other lactose heavy products in anything we do. We want all dogs to enjoy our treats without fear (from the parent) that a bout of diarrhea is sure to follow.

If you want your dog to have the probiotic benefits of yogurt - which is certainly good for his/her intestinal health and can help nutritionally manage stool issues - veterinarians generally recommend giving dogs probiotics formulated specifically for the doggy digestive system. 

Come in and see us and lets have a chat about your dog's bowels.


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