Photos With Santa: Are They Right For Your Dog?

Photos With Santa: Are They Right For Your Dog?

Many people love the idea of getting dog photos with Santa. Our dogs are like our children, so why not?

The truth is, photos with Santa are not for every dog. They can actually cause a lot of stress for them, so it may be a better option to look for an alternative.  Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering photos with Santa for your dog.

1) Is your dog good with strangers handling them?

Most problems arise when you hand your pup over to a complete stranger. It's going to be next to impossible to get the perfect shot if your dog is just seconds away from having a nervous breakdown. It gets worse when the Santa is now trying to hold your pup in place for the photo. "Why is this stranger forcing me here?!?!?!"  Which leads us to #2...

2)  Is your dog comfortable with costumes? 

Not only is this a stranger, but it's a stranger in a BIG RED SUIT. Dogs who get nervous when they see trick-or-treaters in costume at Halloween are likely to get even more nervous when they see the jolly man in a costume and beard.  Much like small kids, dogs may get scared of Santa.

3)  Is your dog comfortable in crowds? 

Often times, photos with Santa don't have private appointments and there is a line to take a photo with Santa. Is your dog comfortable being surrounded by that many animals and people? 

4)  Is your dog good at posing? 

Some dogs are too boisterous to sit still for an assembly line picture session.  The staff coordinating the pictures often need to get it done quickly and may not be as patient with your dog as you are.  

If you answered “no” to any of the 4 questions above, chances are you’re not going to get the perfect picture with Santa at a public event.  

So what is the alternative?

You could always try to get a shot at home, but if you are looking for a more professional photo of your pooch, pooches or even family with your pooch, schedule a Whisker Bones photo session.

Our holiday photo sessions (and all photo sessions at Whisker Bones) are in a closed room and are always done one-on-one. And we NEVER have a Santa (or bunny or Grinch, etc) trying to manhandle your pup. We allow ten minutes per session... which gives everyone time to explore and settle in. And our photographers are pretty good at getting the impossible shot because our equipment is professional quality. A vast majority of the time we are able to catch a split second where your pup looks right at the camera. ALSO, we never use a flash. Flashes can really freak out a pup.. our lighting is constant.

Our holiday photo sessions are set for November 26th, December 3rd and December 10th this year. The 26th has already filled up, but we have time slots available the other dates. Give us a try. We think you'll love your photos and will cherish them for years to come.

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