Fireworks Safety

Fireworks Safety

 BOOM BANG POW! Independence Day is just around the corner, and with that come FIREWORKS! We all love a good fireworks show, however our furry friends, not so much. The crowds and the loud noises create a lot of anxiety for our pets. Let's discuss how we can keep our best friends calm and safe this 4th of July. 

First, make sure your pet has proper identification, please remember that the identification is useless if it is not ON THE PET! Having your dog's identification tags or an updated microchip is a clear way for others to identify your dog in case they make an escape from your home. Having these pieces of identification ensures a quick and safe return. If your pet runs off call local vets and shelters in the area to make sure someone hadn't already found your pup and tuned them in. 

What is the best way to keep my pet from running off? Well, KEEP THEM INSIDE! If they have to go potty keep them on a leash and if you have a fenced backyard make sure you are out there with them to bring them right back in when they are done doing their business. If your dog has a safe space or is kennel trained keep them there. Doing this will keep them from running away and/or hurting themselves all while keeping their nerves at ease. 

If you know your pup has extreme anxiety for the Holiday, consult with your vet about anxiety meds. Now I know this can be scary to some pet owners but, just like us if we need it take it! When given the proper meds and dosage our pets can remain relaxed during the excitement of the holiday. Giving your pets something to do and keeping them busy can also help distract them from what's going on outside.  Use toys, treats, puzzles, and thunder shirts to help keep their minds off the scary booms and bangs. 

Last but not least have your pet's vaccines updated. This is super important especially if you are going to be around people and other dogs. This not only helps protect your dog's health and well-being but also protects other dogs and people as well. 

For more information and extra tips for 4th of July safety check out 

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