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WB Birthday Cake Order

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  • Specialty Cakes for All Occasions!

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, gotcha day, adoptiversary or just because, we've got just the cake for you!

    All of our cakes are made to order with human grade organic rye, barley and farm fresh eggs. 

    We use a tapioca based frosting that is specifically designed for dogs and cats.

    Select a Shape: 6" Circle (8 servings) or 9" Bone (16 servings)

    Select a Flavor: Organic Peanut Butter or Organic Sweet Potato

    Add Meat for $5: Grass-fed Beef, Organic Turkey, Lamb or Salmon

    Selet a Theme: Standard- 2 color choices and up to 4 words

                           Custom- up to 7 color choices and 7 words. Sky's the limit!

                            We can do anything from Avengers theme to Cowboy frogs, lol

    Standard Cakes need at least 24 hours to complete.

    Custom Cakes need at least 48 hours to complete.

    If cake requires a specialty pan we may need additional time.