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CBD Bark Bone

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  • What a fun way for your fur baby to benefit from CBD! Pet Qwerks CBD BarkBones™ are coated with clear soluble CBD herbal supplement. CBD is gradually released as your dog chews or licks on the bone. The high gloss appearance of your fresh CBD BarkBone is the minty CBD coating. So long as the bone is shiny there is CBD available for consumption.

    CBD is an extract from the Hemp plant, known for a variety of therapeutic effects such as Anti-inflammation, Anti-anxiety and Pain-relief. CBD does NOT contain any psychoactive ingredients and will not make your dog “high” or intoxicated.

    CBD will start working in 30 minutes to an hour from ingestion and tends to last for 2 – 12 hours. This can vary depending on metabolism, activity, etc. of your pup. CBD is most effective after using for several days. For some extra fun, you can press a small amount of peanut butter, cream cheese or your dog’s favorite spread into the Flavorit BarkBone’s tiny holes to encourage your dog to chew or lick the bone more often.

    Made from durable, FDA-compliant nylon, human-grade mint flavoring and CBD oil. All ingredients are sourced in USA and proudly Made in USA. Non-toxic, non-allergenic and safe for your furry kids.

    Great Benefits:

    ✓ Giving your dog non-edible bones massages their gums and provides scraping action on their teeth, much like a dental hygienist descaling the plaque from human teeth.

    ✓ CBD Flavorit BarkBones are a great option for dogs who suffer from chronic pain or anxiety. Whether your dog suffers from aching joints, soreness from an injury, or simply gets worked up when there is a thunderstorm, CBD can help to ease their pain and tension.

    ✓ Made of durable nylon, human-grade mint flavoring and infused with CBD. Nylon is an extremely durable material and chew marks are to be expected. More on Nylon Dog Chews here – 10 Things you Need to Know About Nylon Dog Chews.

    ✓ It makes for very entertaining experience, keeps your dog busy and discourages destructive behavior.

    ✓ Coated with CBD herbal supplement

    ✓ It has a calming effect

    ✓ A fun way for your fur baby to benefit from CBD.

    ✓ Helps relieve pain, stress, anxiety, digestion problems, destructive behavior, inflammation and arthritis.

    ✓ 3rd party tested and certified for potency & safety