How We are Weathering the COVID Storm

A Message from Scott and the Crew at Whisker Bones and Club Whisker Bones

What a year this week has been.

First, I'd like to thank everyone who is still supporting us in this time by letting your pups come to play, shopping at the store and still having your dogs groomed by us. From the bottom of our hearts, we can't thank you enough. Seeing the dogs every day helps us cope with this pandemic. As you can imagine, when a piece of our business (boarding) relies on the freedom of our clients to take trips, many things got crazy very fast. The doggos still coming cheers us up quite a bit.

Second, I'd like to announce further measures we are taking to help our customers feel more comfortable.

  • Curbside Checkin and Checkout Starting March 19th at Club Whisker Bones, if you would rather have someone come out to your car to check in and check out your pup, you can now text us. Simply reply to one of the automated texts you currently receive from the Pet Portal system with the word "HERE" (must be in all caps). The system will let us know you'd like us to come out to checkin or checkout. It is not necessary to do this, but we wanted those clients who may possibly be a little more cautious to have the option. We are still sanitizing our lobby and all outside belongings coming in to The Club like crazy to ensure a safer environment so feel free to come in and see us.
  • Curbside Pickup Starting March 19th at the Store Downtown, you can call in any order you need (or order online) and then once you arrive at the store, we can bring it out to your car... Just call 618-593-3603 (xt 1) and we will get you taken care of. We are working on reserving parking spots for this purpose Downtown to make this process smoother.
  • Modified shopping hours at the Store Starting Monday March 23rd, we will adjust our hours at the Store Downtown. We will open at 10am on all days (rather than 9am as usual). We will also adjust closing times on Thursday and Friday. We will still have grooming starting at 8:30 and those appointment times will not change. New shopping hours are as follows:
  • Monday - Friday 10-6
  • Saturday and Sunday 10-5
Last, I just ask that you please keep supporting all small businesses. Every dollar you spend with the little guys goes right back into our community. All of us are trying to keep as many people working as we can. Your support truly is appreciated and we know, as a community, we will make it through to the other side of this... together.

With much love and appreciation,



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